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Cagetec 600MPa CDS Tube achieves great strength with excellent weldabilty!

Cagetec CDS has a minimum tensile strength of 550MPa and is personally inspected and tested during the manufacturing process to ensure consistent quality.  Independent NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities – Australia) 3rd party destructive testing is carried out at the supplier and in Western Australia to ensure transparency and compliance. Cagetec CDS is coated with a water based anti rust coating and is dark in appearance due to the annealing process.

Current CDS stock includes 38.1×2.6, 44.45×2.6 and 50.8×3.


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Can-am X3 Auxiliary Fuel Tanks Complete

Chris’s X3 fuel capacity now increased to 100 litres enough for most offroad racing events, even with an aggressive tune should achieve a 200km range.  The Cagetec 30 litre fuel tanks fit snugly under each seat and feed into the the factory tank.  The installation includes a firewall covering the tanks to ensure safety and conforming to the CAMS requirements.

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Can Am XDS CAMS Spec Cage Complete

Great progress with the XDS CAMS cage, ready for welding.  We use the MIG (Metal Inert Gas) process for our cages, they can be TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welded if specifically requested, however there is no strength benefit, just aesthetics.  The Cagetec CDS (Cold Drawn Seamless) tubing responds well to the MIG process being a minimum 520Mpa tensile strength.  TIG welding is normally recommended for 4130 chromoly (620 Mpa) tube as its prone to heat effected zone cracking so low heat input is required.

Once welded, reassembly and some new panel work; aluminium roof, aluminium door panels and Cagetec Mirrors.