Can-am X3 Auxiliary Fuel Tanks Complete

Chris’s X3 fuel capacity now increased to 100 litres enough for most offroad racing events, even with an aggressive tune should achieve a 200km range. […]

Polaris RZR Safety Cage

Good progress today with the RZR, the safety cage is almost assembled, some additional mounting point gussets and bracing then onto the rear body protection […]

Can Am XDS Almost Complete

The CAMS spec cage is done, as is the aluminium roof, door panels and Cagetec mirrors all fabricated, just a final fit and tidy up then […]

Can Am XDS CAMS Spec Cage Complete

Great progress with the XDS CAMS cage, ready for welding.  We use the MIG (Metal Inert Gas) process for our cages, they can be TIG […]