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Polaris Progress and R&D on the 2017 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS SE

The Cagetec safety cage for the Polaris is looking sleek, with the main frame fabricated, next is all the cross bracing, corner bracing and windscreen intrusion bars.  This Polaris is getting the full Cagetec treatment, with front and rear protection bars and  also nerf bars.

The very flash Yamaha YXZ is coming along nicely, as with any new build, a little extra time spent at the start will benefit the final result. We are aiming to keep the factory “Raptor” look and improve on the aggressive styling while incorporating a very safe CAMS spec Cagetec Cage, Cagetec Mirrors, CAMS spec Roof, Cagetec Nerf Bars, and with Cobra seats fitted.