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Variety of work at Cagetec

We had a small break from roll cages recently, which allowed time to complete other customers projects.  A 2014 Hilux rear diff to incorporate a Landcruiser 80 series centre (9.5″) and disk brakes, no more stripped Hilux 8″ gears and no more drum brakes!

Continued work on a Datsun 1200 ute, rear diff swap to a much stronger R31 diff, with usual shortening and axle mods required to cope with the new turbo motor. We also made time for a customers truck requiring some repairs to the air brake mounts and re-setup the front King -Truck Series shocks.

Next week, back on to a 2017 RZR Polaris in for a Cagetec CAMS cage.


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2018 X3 Cagetec Cage Complete

Dean’s curved roof CAMS Spec Cagetec Cage is complete and now with the powder coaters for sand blasting, zinc prime, top coat and then clear coat, this is going to be one flash Can-Am 2018 X3. No time to rest, fabrication of the two 30 litre under seat fuel tanks are underway.