We all know Motorsport is dangerous, pushing boundaries without going too far. Over the years sporting associations such as CAMS have constantly  analysed and revised the safety requirements for all forms of Motorsport.  Rollcage design/requirements are always being improved.

The roll cage is only one part of the the safety requirements, but one of the most important.  Below is some feedback we have received from an off  road racing competitor who appreciates the Cagetec Roll Cage after having a high speed roll over.

To All Racing Enthusiasts                                                                    2nd November 2017

On the weekend of the 27-29th October I participated in the Kalgoorlie Desert Race as part of the WAORC series.  I was a navigator in the GTURBO 79 Series Landcruiser driven by my good friend Graeme Bentink. As a newcomer to such an event it wasn’t until the second half of the last day of the race that I could appreciate the full extent and quality of the safety equipment in our race car.

VDJ 790

Rolling our vehicle at approximately 150 km/h is for many drivers I’m sure pretty close to a worst case scenario.  Knowing that you have good safety equipment such as a robust roll cage is I’m sure a piece of equipment that many drivers hope will do the job. Well for us it did. Our first class roll cage built by Frank Galea from Cagetec Racing turned out to be just what was required to keep us safe as we cartwheeled through the air 3-4 times before landing back on our wheels.

 Upon inspection after the accident it was clear that the roll cage enabled us to walk away from the incident with only minor injuries.  The cage was still intact and for the most part in its original configuration. It is clear from the pictures that without such a robust and well build cage we might not have been so lucky.

 Having a highly skilled tradesman who himself is a race car driver, helps him build products which not only look the part, but perform in the worst case situation.  I would highly recommend anyone getting into racing to get a custom built roll cage by Cagetec Racing.  Whilst your mates in their shed at home might be able to put together a ‘decent looking’ piece of bar work, don’t risk a vital piece of equipment that could save your life.  I am pleased to find out that my eldest son Caleb has in both of his race cars, cages which have been built by Frank.  

 Take my advice. Don’t short cut on this piece of equipment. You want to know you have the best chance when things turn to crap unexpectedly!

Steve Bradfield   Perth W.A