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Performance 2wd Suspension Work

With all of the SXS vehicles prepped and with their owners ahead of this weekends Kalgoorlie Desert Race, we now have a Performance 2wd to work on

We have already completed a bit of work on this Hilux and are now mounting the coilover and bypass shocks for it. This should be quite a capable and competitive vehicle when it hits the track

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Full SXS Support for KDR

Cagetec are currently preparing for a big weekend at the Kalgoorlie Desert Race. With so many of our customers attending the race we will be supporting the Yamaha XYZ, Polaris RZR and CanAm X3 competitors. We will also be carrying a range of spare parts for both the Can Am and Polaris vehicles

There are 32 competitors in the auto section of the race, with the 10 entrants the SXS field making up over 30% of the field which is a testament to the growth in the class. Of the 10 SXS that are racing, Cagetec has built roll cages and kitted out 9, with the 10th recently in the shop for some fuel tanks.

On top of supporting our customers, we will also be flat out providing media services for the 2018 CAMS Carnarvon Motel WAORC

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Maverick X3 RC ready to race!

Check out some photos of this CanAm Maverick X3 RC as we get it ready to tackle the Kalgoorlie Desert Race

This X3 has a full Cagetec CAMS spec rollcage, nerf bars and some auxillary fuel tanks so it can go the distance. At Cagetec we pressure test the tanks to ensure that there are no nasty surprises and that they are up the task of off road racing

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Long range tank for Polaris Turbo S

We have been privileged enough to work on what is one of the first Polaris RZR Turbo S in Australia which is being kitted up for off road racing. Having already built the cage for Ben and assisted through the CAMS logbook process its time for some of the extra modifications necessary for the long desert style off road races such as the Gascoyne Dash, Finke Desert Race or Kalgoorlie Desert Race

First up was auxillary fuel tank so that BT Racing can go the distance without needing to stop for fuel.

With laps nearing 150kms in distance the Polaris will be carrying a spare tyre and the Turbo S runs a nice big 32 inch tyre which we have mounted on the back of the buggy

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X3 High Door Design

We have just finished off our first high door design for a CanAm Maverick X3. These doors are taller than our standard door as well as having the infill in the lower door area providing protection from sticks rocks and mud!

The best part about these replacement doors is that they utilize the factory door frame allowing easy fitment as well as looking tough