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Cagetec February Update

It has been a very busy start to 2019 and with work ramping up at Cagetec the new workshop is a busy place. We thought we would take a quick look at the Cagetec Team and our current direction.

Cagetec is a family operation that specializes in building SXS vehicles and supply of products. The man behind the operation is Frank Galea who as well as having many years experience in race car prep and fabrication, also has an impressive resume driving in various off road races at all levels.

They say behind every great man is a greater woman and for Cagetec that certainly is the case. Justine Galea takes on a mass of work at Cagetec, from assisting in fabrication, working through cutting lists, marking out and bending various components. A little birdy tells us its also Justines Birthday today, so we are wishing a very happy birthday!

We also have Breanna and Jason working for us. Breanna working in the office and deliveries and pick ups as needed, whilst Jason as well as being one of the teams race car drivers also specializes in CAD drawings roll cages and designing items for laser cutting.

Keep an eye out for the Cagetec team around the local off road races throughout 2019 and stay tuned as we look to return to the track with our own vehicle in the not too distant future