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Project Yamaha – What does it cost to go racing?

Cagetec Racing has embarked on a challenge to build a SXS on a budget and see just what is involved in turning your weekend toy, into a CAMS spec race vehicle. First things first we had to aquire a SXS which we could use to undertake this project. The most common SXS’s in racing are the CanAm Maverick X3, Polaris RZR 1000, Polaris Turbo S and the Yamaha YXZ1000r. We came across a low kilometre 2017 Yamaha YXZ1000R SS SE for the right price and this was to be the basis for our new build. For reference these vehicles second hand can be found for around the $15,000 mark, however retail for $29,990 new. 


Step one once we had the vehicle was to strip it down ready for the cage installation. We opted to remove the opening doors and run a high side intrusion bar providing the greatest protection for driver and navigator. With the new CAMS spec cage and roof installed the Yamaha was ready for its interior fitout. A new set of race seats and 6 points harnesses were sourced from Revolution Racegear Welshpool and along with fire extinguishers, belt cutters, battery isolator and other mandatory safety gear, the cockpit was given a full makeover. Electrically there were further additions with the mandatory high level break light, dust light and flashing blue light all fitted to meet CAMS spec.


With all of the relevant safety gear on the car its time for a CAMS logbook inspection which the YXZ passed with flying colors. Cagetec can arrange and assist our customers through this process to ensure that their vehicles are race legal with minimal fuss. With 2 weeks until race day, we headed off for a test run. Unfortunately, we diagnosed a slipping clutch which was presenting us with some big headaches with time running out to race day. Brett from Legend Quad Services helped us with some awesome service and knowledge. Another quick test and the YXZ is ready to go for the 2019 Racegear WA, Brookton King of the Hill


The build phase of Project Yamaha is now complete and its time to crunch the numbers and see just what budget we have managed to built the vehicle in;

  • CAMS Spec Roll Cage – $4200
  • Roof – $400
  • Seats, Harnesses & Safety Gear – $1500
  • Electrical – Rear lights, Horn & Isolator – $400
  • Miscellaneous – Door Panels, Seat Mounts, Mirrors etc. – $500

This provides us with a total package price of $7000 to transform the Yamaha YXZ1000r from play toy, to CAMS logbooked race car. These packages are also available for Polaris and CanAm vehicles, also offer and can include in these packages a range of further accessories for SXS vehicles including, front bumpers, fuel tanks, nerf bars etc We are now looking forward to getting out on track with the Yamaha and having some fun. Over the coming months we may also look to further develop the vehicle and look forward to seeing just how quick we can make it go. Stay tuned as we will be releasing a video of this vehicles build and first race soon